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Who we are

The Maglò DNA

Is expressed through a collage of clothes, a layering of different personalities and moments that tell different stories.
A narrative where the line meets the picture, the fluidity of the garments meets unusual fantasies, simulating an energetic mix of colors, shapes and energy.

Our philosophy

Maglò was founded in 2020 in the city of Brescia and was born from the desire to bring to the fashion industry a line of out-of-the-ordinary garments, with unusual combinations, capable of generating instant emotions for those who see and wear them.

Our aim is to dress every woman, make her self-confident and bring out her beauty in a different way, making her feel good regardless of physicality.

Research, color and emotion

Maglò is the result of the search for a non-aggressive femininity, making the colors of the essential details that, combined with the patterns of the fabrics, decline the garments in tailored and intense cuts.

Fabrics and quality

Who wears Maglò decides to wear a high quality garment, the choice of fabric falls on fine and natural fibers, allowing our products to last over time.

The attention to detail begins in the basic model, in order to obtain a perfect product that can represent maximum comfort for the wearer.


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